San Carlos artificial reefs

With the sinking of 14 disused artifacts of the Ministry of the Navy (Semar), an artificial reef system will be built in San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, that will be used to promote tourism in the state,

He explained that this project seeks to replicate the good results obtained with the sinking of the Santos ship on March 3 of last year, which resulted in the repopulation of several species of marine flora and fauna, and aims to consolidate the place as one of the most attractive destinations. for international diving.

“The sunken artifacts include seven ships, two helicopters, an airplane, an amphibious vehicle and three artillery devices of the Navy Secretariat, among them the former ship Blanco, the former ship Mariscal, the Cabo Corrientes, the Eltanin and the former ship Source,” he explained.

Captain Benito López, representing the Ministry of the Navy, highlighted that this system of artificial reefs has a positive impact on the environment, since it creates refuges and habitats for marine species. In addition, he mentioned that Sonora is a pioneer in this type of project and it is expected to replicate it in other states.

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