San Carlos Pueblo Magico

San Carlos, Sonora Magic Town

Every saint’s time comes, the popular saying goes, and San Carlos, Guaymas, has already had it. This Monday, June 26, the Ministry of Tourism, Sectur, made official the naming of the Magic Town for this tourist site in Sonora.

It would be the fourth town with this category granted by the federal government, the others being Álamos, Magdalena de Kino and Ures.

San Carlos is a town belonging to the municipality of Guaymas that has significant fame and is an attraction for local, national and international tourism.

The site indicates that San Carlos is located 120 kilometers from Hermosillo and 390 kilometers from the border with the United States.

It has a wide tourist offer, a dolphinarium that, in addition to offering shows with dolphins and sea lions, is also an aquatic therapy center for people with disabilities that serves people from all over the state.

In addition to the tourist infrastructure, to have a stay of several days you can rent a condominium, a house or settle in a field for a trailer park.

The characteristics of San Carlos and all the beaches on the Sonoran coast are its warm waters, white sand and the fusion of the desert with the sea.

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