For Sawari Hotel it is very important to take care of our planet. Therefore, our facilities are adapted to minimize the impact on the environment:

  • Inverter air conditioners with R410 ecological gas
  • Latest generation Mitsubishi elevators
  • Solar panels
  • Water softening system
  • Charger for electric cars
  • Water-saving toilets and showers
  • Electric energy-saving chip boxes in all rooms
  • PVC sliding balcony door and window system are designed to provide an energy efficient solution for residential and commercial buildings. 
  • LED lighting throughout the property
  • Ornamentation and decoration in gardens with regional plants with low water consumption
  • Latest generation thermal insulation prevents overheating and saves electrical energy
  • Fans in all rooms
  • Electronic panels with energy saver
  • Surrounded by mountains that frame the Aguaje mountain range


Sawari hotel is designed so that anyone with special needs can move freely through the hotel, since it was built with ramps from its entrance and in 95% of its areas to provide the ease of moving without steps.

We also have rooms specially designed for the convenience of people who require it.

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